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What to Bring

As a general rule, bring anything that says "important tax document" or is a 1099 or 1098.  You can't use your last pay stub to file. 

Forms to bring:

  • NYS driver’s license or other photo ID

  • All wage statements (W-2)
  • All retirement income statements (1099R)
  • Statements of Self-Employment income (1099M) (try to recall any associated expenses)
  • Social Security Statements (1099SA)
  • Unemployment Statements  (1099G)
  • If you received a 1095A (from the health ins marketplace), we'll need to see it
  • Statements reporting interest earned (1099INT)
  • If you are applying for the EIC we'll need social security cards, birth certificates, and proof of residence for your children

  • Statements reporting dividends  (1099DIV)
  • Statements of Stock/Fund sales (1099B)
  • If you purchased or sold property this year, bring the closing statement
  • Your 1098s reporting mortgage interest paid.  if the 1098 does not report property tax paid, bring your tax receipts
  • If we have not done your taxes previously, please bring a copy of last year's return
  • If anyone in your family attended school (post high-school) this year we'll need the 1098T from the school; if paying student loans the 1098E (both these are generally available online)
  • If you expect to itemize deductions, add up any charitable contributions

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